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  1. Daily Massacre Dry food for dogs 2:07
  2. Screaming neigbour Dry food for dogs 2:40
  3. Drycore dry food for dogs 2:15
  4. pay for pain Dry food for dogs 2:12
  5. Cannon Fodder dry food for dogs 2:45
  6. 9520 dry food for dogs 1:56
  7. Idols Dry food for dogs 2:57

Dry Food For Dogs is a project that mixes different experiences and several wills. Made with the best ingredients, since 2007.
After many line up issues, Their current formation is the following:
Voice : Andrea –
Guitar : Christian –
Guitar : Marcello –
Bass : Giuseppe –
In the best tradition of European extreme metal ,made of groove and furious accelerations, it is based on masters like NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS mixed with modern technical death metal , bringing what was grindcore into a new form of grooves, speed and unpredictability . the first official album intitled “Eat To Be Eaten” was released in October 2014.

The new “pay for pain” Ep, in collaboration with LAST SOUND DESIGN was released in November and in January will be released a limited edition vinyl available in 500 copies signed by hand.

Stay comfortable because what is about to arrive will sat a punch in the face!


Watch Vultures
Watch 9520
Watch Screaming Neighbour