LSD Recording Studio

Last Sound Design Studio was born from decades of experience of its founder Mimmo “pentothal” Musto becoming a technically advanced physical place up to the current standards. The study is divided into two separate areas: 25mq dedicated for recording and 12mq of control room. All ambient are acoustically treated with a careful choice of microphones, state of the art guitar/bass amps and cabinets.

From recording to mastering LSD Studio it is the perfect place to make your musical projects.

  • Recording

    25mq Recording Room acoustically treated recording,state of the art guitar/bass equipment , Dw Recording drumset w UFIP cymbals,high quality microphones,signal processing through the analog capture.

  • Mixing

    All the operations of post production takes place through the Nuendo DAW interfaced analog to a mixer SOUNDCRAFT LX7ii, the nearfield monitors are a pair of JBL LSR 308 and the legendary YAMAHA NS-10 (Original series).

  • Mastering

    The mastering are done in both digital and analogue based on the available budget. We also rely on our partners specific studies.